Processor CPU Cores RAM SWAP SSD Bandwidth Port IPv4 Price
LXC-2GIntel Xeon (E3/E5) 1vCPU(Core) 2048 MB(DDR3 ECC) 2048 MB 40 GB 1000 GB 100 Mbps 1 $9.99 /month. ORDER NOW
LXC-4GIntel Xeon (E3/E5) 2vCPU(Core) 4096 MB(DDR3 ECC) 4096 MB 80 GB 2000 GB 100 Mbps 1 $14.99 /month. ORDER NOW
LXC-6GIntel Xeon (E3/E5) 3vCPU(Core) 6144 MB(DDR3 ECC) 6144 MB 120 GB 3000 GB 1 Gbps 1 $19.99 /month. ORDER NOW
LXC-8GIntel Xeon (E3/E5) 4vCPU(Core) 8192 MB (DDR3 ECC) 8192 MB 160 GB 4000 GB 1 Gbps 1 $24.99 /month. ORDER NOW


*General Terms & Conditions Apply.

FREE DirectAdmin Panel for 3 months with any above VPS Packages subscribed annually.

FREE Migration is available only in case you subscribe to any above VPS Package with Premium Control Panels.

**Weekly Backup is available only in case you subscribe to any above VPS Package with Premium Control Panels.

Our Best LXC VPS Hosting comes with Premium Features

  • 100% Uptime Guarantee.
  • 24/7 Technical Support.
  • Wide Range of Linux OS`s.
  • Instant Scalability.
  • Weekly backups.**
  • Enterprise Hardware Resource.
  • Location New York, USA.
  • Software Licenses.
  • FREE DDOS Protection.
  • FREE 1 IPv4 Address.
VPS hosting features
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Our LXC Powered VPS Hosting is provided on Proxmox VE Platform. All our valued customers are able to easily access and maintain their VPS via Proxmox VE Control Panel(reboot,shutdown,OS Install/Reinstall, Traffic Monitoring etc..) all in one click.

HostCram uses Industry`s Latest Hardwares and servers powered by Intel® Xeon® Processors. Our each node is enabled with HyperThreading Technology to retrieve power from each core and connected with Gigabit network. Minimum configuration with 32 GB DDR3 ECC RAM, 8 Core CPU and RAID protected drives.

Highly-Available, Fully Redundant VPS Infrastructure.

Picking somewhere to live is a big decision. You need some good reasons to say ‘that’s the place’. Reasons, perhaps, INCLUDES:

VPS Hosting

Our Virtual Private Servers (VPS) in New York are located in one of the Best US Datacenter and our servers are connected with major network traffic exchange nodes in USA with outlet to Asia, Europe, etc..

Now with multiple exchanges enabled, your website or projects can be accessed at high speed around the world. VPS Hosting IP`s are DDOS Protected by default, with 1 Gbps Volume network and 500k PPS.

FREE Weekly Backups & Restoration

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